Valentine’s Day in London 2023

Valentine’s Day in London 2023

Valentine’s Day 2023 in London

It’s coming up to that time of the year again, Valentine’s Day is akin to Marmite you either love it or you hate it and there’s rarely an in-between. So this week we cover all the bases, whether you’ve just met someone and are planning a first date, been with your partner for eons and are using the day as a reason to celebrate your love for each other or you’ve decided to embrace ‘gal/palentine’s day’ and are living the single life in style. There is something for everyone to do on Valentine’s Day in London in 2023, so keep reading.

First date ideas -  top 5

You matched a while ago, you’ve exchanged numbers and exchanged voice notes and now you’re both ready to finally have that exciting (and/or terrifying) first date! Now comes the dreaded ‘so, what are we going to do?’ question that no-one likes hearing. If you’re panicking then have no fear, we’ve got five first date ideas that are guaranteed to impress!

Explore Borough Market

If during your conversations one of the main topics you’ve discussed is food then it would be negligent of us to not mention Borough Market, one of the top food destinations in the city! Whilst having a stroll around Southwarks’ amazing Market you can grab a coffee from one of the several independent coffee shops, you can immerse yourself in the rainbow of colours provided by all the fresh fruit and veg stalls dotted about throughout Borough Market, maybe you fancy some cheese? The humungous wheels outside shop fronts may be a clue that’s where you want to head.

We definitely recommend planning a post-market walk after this as you may walk away fuller than you anticipated.

See free art at the Tate Modern

Immerse yourself in classics from ‘modern’ artists like Hockney and Warhol. If you want to look like you know your stuff then maybe have a quick revision session beforehand to really wow your date. Absorbing art can be thirsty work, so make sure that you visit the Terrace Bar on the first floor of the Blavatnik Building for a coffee or a cocktail depending on your preference. If you’re looking for something slightly more interesting the Tate Modern hosts a monthly late-night event which gives you a whole different perception of the venue as a whole so it may be worth keeping an eye out for that too.

Check out the Barbican Conservatory

Housing over two-thousand species of flora and fauna, the Barbican Conservatory is certainly a sight to behold. Opened in 1984 the observatory has a multitude of things to observe including exotic fish! If the date goes well and you wish to continue then you won’t have to go very far as there are cinemas, theatres, concert halls, bars and restaurants all under the same roof, meaning your afternoon date on Valentine’s Day in London could turn into breakfast the next morning.

Visit Bella Italia, Paddington!

If it’s your first date you may want to do something slightly more lowkey but still with the element of romance to woo your potential future partner. At Bella Italia, Paddington if you book now you will be able to secure 2-4-1 desserts and a free glass of prosecco upon arrival to make it look like you’ve pulled out all the stops!

Play crazy golf at Swingers

If you’re looking for something slightly more quirky than romantic then how about a friendly (or not) game of crazy golf? Fancy sipping a cocktail whilst playing 18 holes? Not a problem, with full table service you can play and drink at the same time, although we recommend you put the drink down whilst putting. Depending on where you are in London Swingers has two locations, you can either immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of the West End or choose the (kind of) more tranquil area of the inner City area. So whatever you choose, this will surely get you into the swing of your date.

Our top five date ideas

You’ve been with your partner for a while now, and although you enjoy Valentine’s Day in London you feel like you’ve done all of the ‘traditional’ dates you can do, if this sounds like you then keep reading as we suggest five fantastic ideas to treat your special something this year.

Rivoli Ballroom Valentine’s Day Pop-up Cinema

Brockley, 13 Feb - 14 Feb 2023

The legendary Rivoli Ballroom is bringing back its pop-up cinema for the most romantic day of the year. Couples can expect classic films including ‘Romeo & Juliet’ and ‘Roman Holiday’. The 1950’s ballroom is known for its extremely beautiful décor and absolutely screams romance. Perfect for a Valentine’s Day celebration.

The Sky Tonight Live

Greenwich, Until 4 Feb 2023

The Royal Observatory in Greenwich is hosting ‘The Sky Tonight Live’ which gives attendees the opportunity to explore space and experience the night sky as it will appear on the evening of your visit. Every show is unique and you may see anything from the constellations to a meteor shower so keep your eyes peeled.

Valentine’s Silent Disco

South Kensington, 16 Feb 2023

If you’re a couple who prefer the quirky over the romantic then this event is definitely more your style. To celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2023, the Natural History Museum is hosting its annual silent disco, prepare to dance under a blue whale after knocking back a cocktail or two before grabbing your headphones and showing off your best moves in Alfred Waterhouse’s Romanesque cathedral until midnight.

Studio Limbo Candle Making and Painting Workshop

Soho, 11 Feb 2023

Are you looking for something romantic but ethical at the same time? Maybe your love language is more about sharing experiences instead of buying gifts. If this sounds like you then booking in to Studio Limbo may be what’s best for you. The Studio are hosting a series of candle-making and painting workshops with eco-conscious materials so not only do you have the chance to make a gift for your special someone but you’re doing it all with the planet in mind. Drinks are included so bring your Valentine down and enjoy the experience.

Valentine’s Day at Sky Garden

City of London, 14 Feb 2023

Maybe this year is slightly more special than the others, maybe you have something big planned and want to really go the extra mile this year, if that’s the case then you’re in luck. The infamous Sky Garden is arguably one of the most romantic places in the City, with its stunning panoramic view of London this is the perfect place for you to make your other half feel like the most important person in the world. Thinking about popping the question this year? The Fenchurch Building’s Sky Garden website has a whole page dedicated to information with anything you would want to know if that is your plan. The restaurant is offering a range of packages starting at £22pp and ranging up to £150pp so depending on your plans you can have an affordable evening or go all out. Either way it’s sure to be a night to remember.

Five Anti-Valentine’s ideas

If you’re in the category of singles who are not fond of Valentine’s Day then maybe you make plans with the gals/pals and celebrate anti-Valentine’s Day. If that is the case but you haven’t thought about what to do this year then worry not, below we’ve listed five outstanding events you can attend alone or with your mates for a truly awesome non-Valentine’s experience.

The Ex Show with Xnthony

Haggerston, 10 Feb 2023

If you’re looking for an ‘extra’ night then The Ex Show with Xnthony may be exactly what you’re looking for, an event fueled by comedians and drag stars spurred on by power ballads that will make your heart sing. So grab your pals, delete your ex’s number and get involved for a fun-filled anti-Valentine’s extravaganza.

Love Magic: Absinthe Tasting & Cocktail Bitters Making Workshop

Hackney, Tuesday Feb 7

Are you looking to drown your sorrows, or maybe just looking to expand your knowledge on cocktail creation, whatever the reason nothing says ‘Anti-Valentine’s Day’ than sipping on absinthe and drowning your bitterness whilst learning about cocktails and bitters. The venue for such an event is The Last Tuesday Society, known as the spiritual home of the esoterically minded, during the event you’ll learn all there is to about the ‘green fairy’, as well as creating your own cocktail bitters so get ready for what promises to be an evening you may never remember but also, never forget.

PopHorror Anti Valentine’s Ball

Vauxhall, 14 Feb 2023

There’s something about getting together with a group of single mates on V-day and having a good old boogie to forget your problems. This year The Royal Vauxhall Tavern is hosting it’s very own satisfyingly cynical Valentine’s Day ball. Expect power ballad sing-a-longs, cabaret, drag, games and a few surprises along the way. Whatever happens it’s going to be a good night.


London, 12 Feb 2023

Do you fancy yourself as an occultist? Prefer to attend events with more of a macabre disposition? If so then spending the Sunday before Valentine’s Day listening to terrifying urban legends, recalled in a spooky secret location may be the exact thing you’re looking for. Grab your plus one for a gothic event where you’ll encounter adventure, exploration, live music and plenty of eerie storytelling. You’ll be pleased to know that this is an adult only event so they’ll be no screaming tiddlywinks to ruin the experience.

Anti-Valentine’s Cabaret

Borough, 14 Feb 2023

Have a serious dislike for this particular Hallmark holiday? You and so many others feel this way, which is why we are recommending the Anti-Valentine’s Cabaret at The Golden Hinde in Borough. Join a trio of performers and witness boylesque, stand-up comedy and chair acrobatics and general anti-Valentine’s shenanigans all accompanied by an anti-V-day cocktail included,

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