The New ‘Work From Hotel’ Concept

The New ‘Work From Hotel’ Concept

Edward Wilcock, Group Director of Revenue and Marketing at London Town Group

“The lobbies and lounges in our hotels have always acted as quiet refuges for guests on business trips who need a quiet place to work. But with offices everywhere closing their doors for the foreseeable future, increasing numbers of remote workers and employers are looking to hotels for a solution. Thanks to innovative new ways of booking, we are able to offer a flexible middle ground, with all the amenities of your typical office space, plus some welcome added extras - like room service – too, for you to work from hotel in London.

For us, letting people book rooms as personal offices is nothing short of a lifeline. Tourism ceased to exist months ago, business trips are a thing of the past, and the off peak season is here. We have all this space - state-of-the-art rooms, facilities and fitness suites - all going unused. It's heart-breaking, really. So when you consider the number of people having to work around wobbly desks and distractions at home, our work from hotel concept is the perfect solution for you. And it's one that helps us make use of the great real estate we have on offer.

We’ve seen people book ‘smart working’ rooms at our hotels for a number of reasons. Some are looking for a socially distanced alternative to the office; others are self-employed and need a break from home-working, without the commitment of a co-working subscription; others are employers keen to set up remote staff with the resources they need to work safely and comfortably, whilst saving money on office rent which is extortionate in cities like London. All our guests adopting our ‘work from hotel in London’ concept have become regulars at our hotels.

We’re all adapting to new ways of working, and hotels have an important role to play. We look forward to supporting many more teams at London Town Group’s properties over the coming weeks and months with our work from hotel concept. It's a new chapter for the hotel industry and for a nation of remote workers too.”

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