The Garden Terrace - What we have done

The Garden Terrace - What we have done

The Garden Terrace @ Indigo Paddington - What we have done

In May 2022, we decided that there was something missing from our Hotel Indigo London Paddington. For a while we’d come up with many ideas but none of them seemed to fit the vision we had for expanding on how we could not only make our hotel better but also more welcoming for guests and local residents in the Paddington area.

After much deliberation it was decided that the installation of The Garden Terrace was going to give us the boost we needed as well as being able to expand our offering to our guests, clients and beyond. Once it was decided we rolled up our sleeves and we did what needed to be done, we cordoned off The Garden Terrace area and set to raise something truly spectacular. Thus, the first part of our new project took form.

The second part of the rejuvenation project was all about celebrating the rich history of the Paddington area, the talented JP De Souza really left his mark when he freehand spray painted our walls with murals that ranged from Paddington’s most well-known furry mascot to beautiful imagery of the Italian Gardens and much more in between.

With a fully functioning bar area serving a full range of beers, spirits & wines, including carefully selected cocktails and alcohol-free beverages, heat lamps and parasols to keep you warm and dry, with a la carte and set menu options from our on-site Bella Italia Paddington to delight couples, colleagues, friends and families.

The Garden Terrace at Indigo Paddington will be open to the general public seven days a week, and in the next couple of days we will be announcing an incredible offer for all so keep an eye out.

If you’re looking for a safe haven, a starry night, candlelit wining and dining, full table service, and the feeling of being immersed in a garden like utopia then The Garden Terrace is somewhere that encompasses all of these features.

The Garden Terrace at Hotel Indigo London Paddington next door to Bella Italia on London Street, we knew it was time for expansion, and that’s where the idea for ‘The Garden Terrace at Hotel Indigo’ came into fruition. Unsure of what we mean when we’re talking about our new installation? Then keep an eye on our website and social media pages as we will be frequently updating you with what is happening and maybe if you’re lucky some sneaky behind the scenes footage.

Stay tuned, The Garden Terrace at Indigo Paddington is returning.

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