The Garden Terrace – Mood board teaser

The Garden Terrace – Mood board teaser

The Garden Terrace @ Indigo Paddington – Mood board teaser

As you can see from the mood board attached to this blog entry, we had a few themes in mind. Although all very similar they did come with some differences, but when married together combine perfectly.

The first theme that kept coming up was the idea of creating a forest type setting, creating a space that incorporated the colour scheme of your favourite woodland areas, blended together with the feel of a typical country garden, The Garden Terrace at Hotel Indigo London Paddington has been designed to portray the magnificence of UK forestry in a cosy, safe setting.

When discussing how we wanted our guests to feel when immersed in The Garden Terrace it was clear that we wanted to create a space of rest and relaxation if required. The idea of creating a kind of oasis was born from these discussions, the conversation was also had about who The Garden Terrace would be created for. With full inclusion in mind we have produced a space that we feel is suitable for everyone from corporate to leisure and everything in between.

Sometimes when a project like The Garden Terrace is formed it can end up being too busy with far too much going on in terms of décor, we wanted to avoid this as best we could so we have opted for the simple and elegant style. A simplistic escape that takes you off the beaten track and leads you to a warm and inviting setting for any occasion.

The final, and most crucial topic that we talked about was creating a space that covered several bases. We wanted to create an all encompassing venue that was perfect for an intimate dinner for two, but somewhere that made our guests feel secure and welcome. The idea of creating somewhere that was also family friendly was a imperative final piece of the puzzle, we’ve achieved this with the décor and we think the overall feel of The Garden Terrace at Hotel Indigo Paddington is perfectly suited for any occasion.

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