Summer Bootcamp with Jade Josely

Summer Bootcamp with Jade Josely

Suns Out, Guns Out! The summer is finally here with a bang and its time to flaunt our summer bodies with it. We live in the 21st century and by now it's quite prominent that there is no measurement of a perfect body. But when it comes to health and fitness, we ought to be at the top. Who else would you prefer other than the sensational Jade Joselyn herself! Join her absolutely free workshop everyday Tuesday at the Floating Pocket Park at Merchant Square

A dance graduate from Barcelona, Jade Joselyn has made her name internationally for quite a few reasons. She's a certified fitness instructor, bikini competitor and vlogger known for her self-titled fitness channel, Jade Joselyn. She's developed a strong following on YouTube and Instagram where she shares her fitness tips and workouts regularly.  

With around 80,000 followers on Instagram, people all over the world are highly inspired by how this young lady has changed the game. Her techniques and knowledge is commendable and she even hosts a fitness blog and product review site on her self-titled blog.

Come join her this summer, every week for a full Body Bootcamp workout at Merchant Square. 50 minutes each, the Full Body Bootcamp session incorporate both cardio and bodyweight strength elements – working the upper and lower body, as well as core stability and cardio fitness. Make new friends with similar ideas on fitness and learn techniques that stay with you for life! Don't miss this out. 

Tuesday until 12th September 2019 from 6PM – 7PM. Fitness Classes are free, reserve your place online.

Time: 18:00 – 19:00

Address: Floating Pocket Park, Merchant Square, Paddington Basin, London W2 1JS

Tickets: Free, book ahead to reserve your place

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Customer contact: / 02072982455

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