Paddington Central Amphitheatre

Paddington Central Amphitheatre

Paddington Central’s new amphitheatre in Sheldon Square

You may have noticed that Paddington as a whole is getting some much needed TLC at the moment, and although the noise can be frustrating at times it is most certainly an inconvenience that is sure to pay off. Sheldon Square lies right in the heart of Paddington Central and is the home of the much loved Amphitheatre, which brings families, friends and work colleagues together as it is a focal point for the local community.

When it became apparent that an update was needed for this much adored space there was no question that the thoughts, ideas and plans for the project would be discussed with the community that utilises the space. Consultations were held with local residents, businesses and stakeholders to discover what was considered essential by the locals, this resulted in a new Amphitheatre design which is now more accessible and gives people the feel of a warm reception for those living, working and visiting Paddington Central Amphitheatre.

Once the construction is complete the Paddington Central have said the design for the space will provide:  A dynamic and exciting performance space, improved accessibility and inclusivity, a greener space for all, a more sustainable future, support for local businesses and last but not least a place of calm.

A piece by Adam Nathaniel Furman has been commissioned for the Amphitheatre walkway.

Artist and designer, Adam Nathaniel Furman was born in St Mary's Hospital Paddington.  He is a London based artist with a multi-cultural and multi-religious background whose artworks celebrate inclusivity and promote wellbeing.  Inspired by the neighbourhood's rich heritage and the refurbished Sheldon Square Amphitheatre's abundant planting, Furman's new site-specific artwork provides a direct and inclusively sensual experience for visitors of all backgrounds and ages that creates an all-year-round celebration of the colours of nature.

Paddington Central are enhancing the Amphitheatre in Sheldon Square by improving accessibility, creating more green space and installing unique design elements to support wellbeing at Paddington Central. The Amphitheatre is expected to open in March 2023.

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