What is the new normal in hospitality?

What is the new normal in hospitality?

What is the new normal in hospitality?

The way in which people plan travel has changed. Since 2021 there has been a lot of discussion about when things return to ‘normal’, however the industry has also taken into account that this may well not be the case due to the fact that the type of guest has changed and the way in which they travel has followed suit. Although people are still traveling; the reasons why, length of stay and budget constraints have shifted what ‘new normal’ travel is becoming.

Patterns that emerged in the earlier parts of 2019 are still occurring, and this in turn is creating more changes within the industry. This is encouraging hoteliers to learn and adapt to the challenges and is giving them a fresh perspective on ways to grow their business.

When it comes to the shift in focus in terms of how best to engage your audience some key phrases that are becoming more frequently used are “authentic experiences” and “know your guest”. It has also become apparent that leisure demand has increased vastly and it looks like this is a concept that is here to stay.

Creating authentic experiences is something that has been at the forefront of hospitality for decades so that concept is easy to adapt to, the key phrase “know your guest” could also bring up a new question which is “who is your guest”. In these times of change it is now important for the industry to capture new guests, and use innovative ways to do so, taking advantage of up-and-coming high demand areas is a concept that is not alien to us. When we took over Hotel Indigo London Paddington we saw it’s potential, and with all the changes being made we feel we made the right choice with our location choice.

Location, although important, is not the only aspect that needs focusing on, cultivating a culture of caring about the guest experience is tantamount. In order to do this, data collection from both past and potential guests on what they want from their hotel experience and how previous stays have encouraged rebooking is imperative.

The final takeaway from this new normal in hospitality could be that as long as hotels take the time to find out what potential and previous guests want without worrying about it being profitable that this, in time, will fix itself.

At Hotel Indigo London Paddington we strive to be the best in customer service and we’ve taken everything discussed in this blog to heart, so if you’re planning a trip to London or are a returning guest we’d like to say thank you and welcome. To have a look at our selection of rooms, with customisable amenities click here.

We look forward to welcoming you to our hotel and we hope to give you the best experience possible.

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