London in Bloom 2022 Take Pride in Paddington

London in Bloom 2022 Take Pride in Paddington

It’s been two whole years since the judges have set foot in the streets of London to assess which community takes the gold in the 347 that have entered this prestigious London in Bloom 2022 competition and the pressure is building to show that Paddington is at its best on July 9th.

In preparation Paddington Now is calling on the local community, to partake in assisting the BID ensure victory and to claim Gold once again by inviting all local businesses and residents to join the ‘Take Pride in Paddington Day’ which will be hosted on Tuesday 5th July.

Westminster City Council and other key services are planning to support the BID by combing the streets, picking up litter, tidying up in general and planting in the local green spaces to make Paddington look as glorious as we see it daily.

Paddington BID have outlined a few keyways in which locals, residents & temporary guests of the area can help our lovely mini utopia secure the gold again:

  • Tidy your shop or door frontages
  • Keep your flowers deadheaded and tidy.
  • Make sure there are no visible weeds on the plants and if possible, the paving around your property.
  • If you are a business on Praed Street and Sussex Gardens, please don’t put out any rubbish bags until after 6pm.

Taking part in the London in Bloom 2022 competition not only brings together the community, but it also shines a light on Paddington as an area that takes pride in its appearance, attracting attention for all the right reasons. Cleaner and greener streets encourage safer environments and a reduction in antisocial behaviour.

Help us to help you maintain Paddington’s gold standard!

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