Hotels Open in London During Covid-19 Pandemic

Hotels Open in London During Covid-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus aka Covid-19 has caused the streets of London to empty, leaving only the beautiful sunshine, smell of blossom in the air and fresh leaves on the trees of Hyde Park near our open hotels in Paddington. However, the number of people looking for hotels open in London Paddington or hotels open in Kensington has dropped dramatically.

Soon after our prime minister, Boris Johnson introduced the coronavirus lockdown, he himself fell ill with Covid-19, along with several of his senior advisors and colleagues. Even Prince Charles caught coronavirus as Covid-19 struck right at the heart of the British Royal Family. This goes to show that even the most powerful can suffer from coronavirus but thankfully Boris and Prince Charles have both now fully recovered from Covid-19.

Most open hotels in London have now closed due to Covid-19 but our 4-Star London hotels are still open to support key workers assisting in the national fight against coronavirus and others in need of essential accommodation in London during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our strong brand standards allow us to offer safe, clean hotels open in London with strict cleanliness policies. Our staff are trained to respect the government’s social distancing guidelines and common touch points are cleaned hourly.

One day soon, this Covid-19 nightmare will be over and we can once again welcome guests from all over the world, travelling to London for business and leisure, staying in hotels open in London. The shops, restaurants, museums and other attractions open in London near our open London hotels will once again be full of excited faces eager to experience something new. The coronavirus infection numbers are already decreasing so the worst is thankfully behind us.

The whole scientific world is searching for an effective vaccine for Covid-19 and many coronavirus vaccines are already in advanced testing stages. Many possible therapeutic cures to coronavirus are also in development so people who are already suffering from Covid-19 can recover quickly with minimal symptoms.

In the meantime, if anyone is looking for safe hotels open in London, hotels open in Paddington or hotels open in Kensington, we are here for them during this coronavirus pandemic.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to NHS key workers struggling to keep us all safe from Covid-19. Coronavirus is the invisible enemy that we all must do our best to vanquish. One thing is for sure; this global coronavirus pandemic will not defeat us. We will come back stronger and the bonds between all of us will only grow. Most people can’t wait for the coronavirus lockdown to be over so they can have their next city break in London in our hotels open in Paddington and hotels open in Kensington London.

We hope to welcome you to our hotels open in London Paddington and hotels open in London Kensington soon.

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