Hotel Indigo Serves The Curious

Hotel Indigo Serves The Curious

IHG Brand Hotel Indigo, explained

Hotel Indigo London Paddington is proud to be a part of the IHG family and we represent the brand as best we can whilst adding our own individual twist as a part of London Town Hotels.

Hotel Indigo as a brand has 133 open hotels with 16,717 rooms, a quote from IHG states that “At Hotel Indigo we serve the curious – people who are inspired by new places, new people, and new ideas. With hotels in culturally diverse locations all over the world, no two properties are the same. Each is part of the pulse and the rhythm of a place, drawing on the story of its local area to inspire every aspect of the hotel, from intriguing design to distinctive local ingredients in our menus.”

Recently, Skift released an online article going into detail about IHG’s 17 hotel brands and explained them in detail. Skift’s input is that as a whole Hotel Indigo presents itself as a boutique hotel with a focus on cultural immersion and style. As a brand it concentrates on the inclusion of the local surroundings and to create a sense of belonging to the area you are staying. We achieve this by shining a light on local art, specialised food and various experiences based on location, by doing this the guest has a sense of safety and comfort when visiting a new city as opposed to just “staying in a hotel” for the night. Design is changed every five years to maintain a current feel, giving us the edge in being a constantly “current” hotel.

Although both of these statements are based on Hotel Indigo as a brand, we feel that we emulate the sentiments stated by both IHG and Skift, we pride ourselves in maintaining a current “London vibe” in our hotel as well as focusing on ensuring that all of our guests feel fully immersed in the local culture, whether that be a Bus Tour around London or suggesting visiting the lovely local Kensington Gardens or Hyde Park we aim to include something for everyone to give our guests a homely and exciting experience for the duration of their stay.

If you’re planning a trip to London and need somewhere to stay then look no further than Hotel Indigo London Paddington and let us amplify your city experience the only way we know how!

We look forward to welcoming you soon!