Grace Wales Bonner at Serpentine North

Grace Wales Bonner at Serpentine North

Grace Wales Bonner: A Time for New Dreams at Serpentine North

Born to an English mother and a Jamaican father here in London, Grace Wales Bonner is what you could call a savant of culture. Wales Bonner uses her love of fashion as a form of communication, using her artform to put across her broad perceptions of identity and self-expression. Grace has become established in the world of fashion as one of the apparent designers of a generation, she’s innovative in the way her design process includes a large array of sources. This includes collaborating with artists, performers, and writers all in the name of art.

Wales Bonner’s fashion collections are a reflection on the narratives of culture, stemming from long periods of research on the chosen topic, she is able to collect references and present them inside her carefully thought-out scenography. Performance, research and writing are three crucial elements utilised in her practise of fashion which have become vastly apparent through long-term collaborations with other artists, often bridging a variety of different disciplines and genres creating something truly amazing in the process.

At the Serpentine North Gallery, Grace Wales Bonner presents A Time for New Dreams, the first in a new series of unique projects in the fields of music, fashion, art and design. The exhibition takes place from Thursday 19th January 2023 and ends on Friday 17th March 2023, the exhibition is free access to all and promises to be a spectacular display.

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