Garden Terrace For Private Events in Paddington

Garden Terrace For Private Events in Paddington

The Garden Terrace at Hotel Indigo

If you’ve been following our story then you’re aware that we’ve been up to something with our private Garden Terrace.

It is with great pleasure that we can now introduce you to “The Garden Terrace at Hotel Indigo”.

This installation is here to make you feel like you’ve completely escaped the hustle and bustle of Central London and really act as a well-deserved escape. Imagine an oasis that welcomes you with warm lighting and a real sense of immersive wonder, throw in all the comforts of your favourite tranquil destinations and roll them into one and you’ll start to get an idea of what we have created in our secluded piece of London for your private event in Paddington.

In terms of what you can expect from The Garden Terrace events-wise there will be very little that it won’t be able to handle, whether you’re here for business and would like somewhere slightly less formal to host meetings or interviews, want something a bit different to impress a first date or just somewhere to come and dine with family and friends? The Garden Terrace at Hotel Indigo Paddington can cover all of these and so much more. The possibilities are truly endless.

Due to our prime location The Garden Terrace is a perfect meeting place for anyone coming from slightly further afield as we are within a three minute walk from Paddington Railway Station with connections to National Rail Services, the Elizabeth Line and several other tube lines.

If you’ve been following our journey so far then we thank you profusely it certainly means the world to us and if you’re only just tuning in then welcome and we do hope you will continue to follow us on this journey through the progression of The Garden Terrace, you’re new favourite hideaway destination for your private events in Paddington.

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