Fun things to do near Paddington Station

Fun things to do near Paddington Station

Take advantage of our favourite attractions in Paddington: 

Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum

Museum features the reconstructed 1928 laboratory of bacteriologist Alexander Fleming, the founder of penicillin.

Rolling Bridge - a must see!  Every Friday, at midday, the Rolling Bridge uncurls itself to be a footbridge over an inlet on the Grand Union Canal, in the Paddington Basin, and then curls up into a ball giving no clues to its hidden abilities.

Hyde Park  - Once the hunting ground for Henry VIII, the huge spacious royal park is most well known for it's famous Speakers' Corner, where people speak their minds, Rotton Row, a famous horse-riding area and Serpentine Lake, home to waterfowl and oarsmen.

Victoria & Albert Museum The world's best museum of art and design. The V&A are unrivalled in their collections and variety of art and design. Explore historical and contemporary art and design, including works of art from many of the world's richest cultures. Admission is free.

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