Are hotels closed in UK? FAQs

Are hotels closed in UK? FAQs

Given the current situation, many people have been wondering: Are hotels closed or are hotels still open?  Well many hotels have had to close due to the lockdown restrictions but many other hotels have also stayed open to provide accommodation to key workers and essential stays. So, are hotels closed in UK? Some are, some aren’t but ours certainly are open are waiting for you! With special new screens, sanitiser gels and social distancing, our hotels are safer than ever to stay in.

When will hotels reopen UK?  Our hotels in London are already open but the government has indicated hotels can start accepting guests travelling for leisure in July. When the lockdown first started at the end of March, many people wondered: Will hotels close? Well most did close shortly after bars and restaurants but our hotels remained open as many people still needed a safe place to stay.  Following government rules, hotels are allowed to remain open to provide essential accommodation. So, when will hotels reopen UK? Well ours are open for you now!

Are hotels open in lockdown? A common question many people are asking and when it comes to our hotels, the answer is yes, as long as your stay is essential for business or personal reasons. So, are hotels open in lockdown? Our London, Nottingham and Leicester hotels are open now and offer special new safety measures to minimise the coronavirus risks.

When will hotels open again? Our hotels are already open but they will start accepting tourists travelling for pleasure at the beginning of July. When will hotels open again? Many people want hotels to open again so they can get back to enjoying their lives but our hotels are already open so book now!

When can hotels reopen UK? Boris Johnson, the UK prime minister and her majesty’s government have indicated hotels can reopen to tourists on 4th July. So, when can hotels reopen UK? Well actually they never had to close and many staying open like ours to serve the community.

Are any hotels open during lockdown?  Yes! Our 4-star hotels in London, Nottingham and Leicester are open right now for anyone who needs comfortable and convenient places to stay. Are any hotels open during lockdown?  At the beginning most hotels shut but now many have already reopened, including ours.

Are any hotels open right now? Yes; Hotel Indigo London Paddington, Mercure London Hyde Park, Mercure London Kensington, Mercure London Paddington and Holiday Inn Leicester Wigston are open right now. So, are any hotels open right now? Absolutely, so book on our website now for some great deals!

When will UK hotels reopen? Many UK hotels such as ours are still open now but all hotels will reopen to tourists at the beginning of July in the United Kingdom. So, ‘When will UK hotels reopen?’ might seem like a simple question but it depends on the purpose of travel.

Are hotels open? Some are and some aren’t so make sure you check before you travel but our hotels are all open and ready for you with new social distancing and disinfecting rules to keep everyone safe. Are hotels open? Well, yes our hotels are open now.

Hotels open during coronavirus? Our hotels are safely open during coronavirus as they have strict new safety measures in place including special Perspex screens, plenty of hand sanitisers and enhanced cleaning protocols.

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