Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Acting as the official residency of the British Monarchy since 1837, Buckingham Palace is a building full of British history and definitely worth a visit. Highlights range from the infamous changing of the guard to views of The Throne Room itself.

You are now able to book, in advance, a tour of The State Rooms and Garden Highlights to give you a more inclusive and intimate look at one of the world’s most known palaces in the world.

When you are planning your next visit to London, you can stay at Hotel Indigo London Paddington and explore Buckingham Palace, a London attraction that is steeped in countless years of history and thousands of tales to match. As well as being a spectacle to behold you can also use the visit as an opportunity to learn more about the rich history of London and the Royal family.

For those interested in architecture, you will not be disappointed at both The State Room and The Throne room will take your breath away.

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