Hotel Indigo London Paddington
Feb 2016

Guest Comments

Viva Camren, We love London!

Marlok, 14 November 2016

Had a lovely stay, will be visiting you again one day! Thank you.

Hanna & Carm, 13 November 2016

Excellent service & support from Mr Witek!

Prayay, 09 November 2016

Great stay & Lovely breakfast. Thanks :)

Joe Clark, Olympic champion - Rio 2016, Staffordshire, GB, 05 November 2016

Beautiful, comfy room!

Lynn, Seattle, USA , 30 October 2016


Felicia, 30 October 2016

Fantastic! Great night!

Big Jay, 29 October 2016

Special thanks to Elina for all the help, support and guidance throughout my stay. She is the best. Have been through my travel many country. God bless.

Ananika Khanna (403), India, 27 October 2016


Kallioinem Sipilainem, Florida, 19 October 2016

Thank you for a lovely stay.

Cindy Joel Caitlin and Connor, USA, 17 October 2016

Hotel Indigo is the best! We had a lovely stay in here in London. We got to see Madam Toussads and the Tower of London

Joe and Isabela, USA, 16 October 2016

We had a nice stay here in London and at the hotel Indigo!

Karolina and Aura, Florida, 15 October 2016

Will stay at Indigo again.

Ashleigh Jewel, Canada, 12 October 2016

Great for short stop. Will visit again

Monica & Gita Shah, 10 October 2016

Excellent. Certainly visiting again.

Trev & Rozemary, 09 October 2016

Indigo ''THE BEST''

Frank & Angela, 08 October 2016

Thank you.

Brenda & Jamily, Australia, 07 October 2016

Glad to be back again :)

Lynn Woo, Hong Kong, 06 October 2016

Thank you for a lovely time. Great breakfast!

Rachel & Daniel Pickering, 03 October 2016

Had kind room which was amazing, very warm, lovely bed. Staff brilliant.

Neil Beverly, 02 October 2016

Everything was ok. Thanks!

Sirpa Laitiner, 02 October 2016

Thank you for your hospitality! A great place to stay.

Louise & Reinier, 01 October 2016

Fantastic. Staff were very welcoming & rooms great. Thank you all...

Elizabeth Mudrich, 04 August 2016

Amazing. Splendid. A nice trip :)

Alice Cenitug, 04 August 2016

Great stay - great staff.

OH ALE, 03 August 2016

Really Great! Awesome.

Erika Frey, Switzerland, 30 July 2016

Excellent Service, Great Staff.

Pramod Krishna, Dehli, India, 25 July 2016

Love it!

Adam Sandler, 25 July 2016

Love this neighbourhood.

Chris Wood, Ohio, USA, 16 July 2016

Thank you.

Iselin Kunstant, Oslo, Norway, 15 July 2016

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